Service Platform "Apartments UA"

"Apartments UA" is a platform specially designed for owners who rent out their properties for vacation rental. Each apartment is moderated for compliance, each apartment owner and his contacts are checked by the managers of "Apartments UA". After the guest makes an order and payment, he will receive direct contact with the owner of the apartment.

All apartments are equipped with the necessary household appliances: high-speed Wi-Fi, TV, air conditioning, refrigerator, washing machine, etc. Each apartment has a full or mini-kitchen with a set of necessary utensils. Many owners offer and organize airport pick-up and shuttle services.

Due to the worldwide COVID-19 pandemic, apartments are usually disinfected after each previous guest. At the same time, it is recommended that all guests who come to Ukraine buy medical insurance in case of illness. Guests from abroad can purchase an insurance policy in their home country or in Ukraine.

Available apartments for the coming days

Apartments or hotel rooms - what is better?

Among all cities in Ukraine, Kiev is undoubtedly the leader in the number of annually arriving guests who seek to settle in the center of the capital. But in the center of Kiev there are very few hotels that are able to accommodate everyone. Therefore, the main alternative is daily rent of apartments for the weekend. A few years ago, visiting guests from abroad were wary of renting private apartments for vacation rental. This service was very poorly developed, the quality of housing left much to be desired, and no one controlled the apartment owners, which created favorable conditions for fraudulent activities. Today, apartments for daily rent in Ukraine and in particular in Kiev represent a fairly well-developed business. The quality of the apartments is mainly in line with modern European standards. It is very easy to rent an apartment for daily rent in the cities of Ukraine - just use such a service as ours. Here you can safely order and pay. Also, Apartments UA can always act in disputes between the guest and the owner of the apartment. Your money will always be protected, provided that the guest also complies with all the rules of residence.

Apartment for daily rent has a large number of positive aspects:

- The prices for renting apartments are always lower than for hotel rooms. Often the rooms in have exclusive interior design and additional options;

- accommodation available for booking is equipped with everything you need to store food and cook, which provides additional comfort and significant savings;

- In apartments for rent on weekends, it is allowed and widely practiced to check in additional guests at the same price;

- In a private rented apartment you do not have to meet with a lot of strangers and staff. This creates some privacy;

- You can meet friends and family here at any time;

- The home environment is particularly convenient for families with children;

- Apartments in any city of Ukraine and in any area are available for booking.