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Q: How can I reserve an apartment?
A: We can reserve you an apartment if the term of your staying there will make not less than 5 days. We do not reserve the apartments if you stay there less than 4 days. We give the clients the chosen apartment only if they are free on the day of the arrival. The decision about the settling of the client we make in 2-3 days before his arrival.

You should choose the apartment you like on the site. Fill in the fields indicating the apartment you’ve chosen, the information about yourself and about your coming here. Indicate an arrival time to the airport or to the railroad station. If you need to be met or to be taken to the place you need – it is necessary to give us the No. of your flight (run). After checking whether the apartment is free we are giving you the information in 24 hours from the moment you made an order. If the chosen apartment is occupied we offer you several alternative variants. You have to make an up-front payment for the reservation of the apartment. The amount of it is equal to the price of the apartment for one night only. The reservation of the apartment will be confirmed in 24 hours from the moment we get your money order.

NB: Our experience which is based on working in this field for several years shows that 70 % of clients who do not make the deposit - they never come to us. That is why we do not guarantee the reservation for those clients who didn’t find the way and desire to make a deposit. But we can always find a free apartment and offer it to you.

Q: May I reserve an apartment only if I stay there for five days and more?
A: We offer our clients only the apartments of a high quality, which are very popular among our clients. The owners of such apartments conclude a treaty with us with a great reluctance if we are talking about the agreement for less than 5 days.

Also, it is necessary for you to understand that first we reserve the apartments for the clients whose staying is 6 days and more. Then we take up the short time orders.

Q: The deposit for the reservation covers the price for one day staying or it is an extra pay over the term of my staying?
A: A deposit covers the price for one day. It means that, if you have sent a deposit for an apartment for seven days, after the arrival you should pay only six staying days.

Q: Does there exist an additional taking from an up-front paying?
A: 15 % of taking are removed from the On-line up-front payment. Other takings are not provided.

Q: How can I pay a deposit? Do you take credit cards?
A: We have few ways of receiving the money. Please, look the Policy of payment.

In our practice there were the cases of the dishonest actions, when a client took back his money using his bank after returning to his country. Staying in Ukraine we can not make the judicial proceedings. That is why to receive the money in on-line mode operation is not a preferable way for us.

Q: For what term the reserved apartment is being kept?
A: If clients did not arrive at a fixed time, without warning us with a call or e-mail we hold an apartment within several hours. If we do not get any information from the client during this time, the reservation is being removed without compensation.

Q: What is your policy according to the cancellation of reservation and the compensation of means?
A: Reservation of apartments – is a mutual agreement. We guarantee an availability of an apartment during all period of reservation and should refuse other clients who are interested in the same apartment, during the same term. On the other hand, we strongly recommend you a planning of the trip before reserving an apartment. If you decide to cancel a reservation, the deposit will not be returned to you. Also, the rent for an apartment will not be returned, if you decide to leave the apartment before the planned date. In cases when you do not arrive; cancel the reservation or change the date of arrival - the deposit will not be returned to you.

Q: Is it possible to change the date of the arrival?
A: Your deposit payment is a guarantee of the arrival at a specified time. In case of changing the date of arrival, the deposit payment won’t be returned. The client should make the second reservation on another day to arrive with a repeated deposit payment for the same apartment if it is free at that moment, if not – for the other one.

A changing of the date is virtual, only in those cases when a change has been made in 15 days before your arrival or if your changes do not lead us to material losses. Such carrying over the dates of the arrival is being adjusted with us in every specific case particularly.

Q: In case of the canceling of the reservation, is it possible to get the repayment?
A: In case of the client’s refusal - we do not return money and we do not compensate for his material losses. We can keep his money for the following reservation only in the exceptional cases.

Q: May I move in the apartment in the early morning?
A: Time of moving in - 14.00 (2PM), time of eviction - 12.00 (at noon).

In case of the very early moving in you have to pay the cost of the whole day staying in the apartment. It is explained by that fact that while waiting for your coming, we can not offer this apartment to the other client for a night stay. For the late leaving of the apartment-till 20.00(8 PM) - you have to pay half of the sum for the day, after 20.00(8 PM) – the whole cost for one day stay. A late eviction is not possible, if the apartment is not being reserved for that time.

Q: If I want to move in at 12.00, whether I should pay in addition?
A: You shouldn’t, but it is possible if the previous client, have already leaved the apartment and you do not mind if the apartment will be cleaned in your presence.

Q: Whether my friend can look at the apartment before I reserve it?
A: We do not allow your friends or representatives to look at the apartments of the daily rent as we have no such an opportunity. All our apartments of the everyday rent are occupied everyday. And we cannot show you an apartment when other clients live there. You can reserve an apartment, with looking at it on its digital photos on the site. If for any reasons you do not like the apartment reserved for you, we can change for one that suits you on the next day of your staying.

Q: Whether you can carry on the negotiations with my Ukrainian representatives?
A: Only in the exceptional cases, as we have a negative experience of conducting business negotiations with the Ukrainian representatives. If you want a guarantee of moving in without any surprises, you should reserve the apartment directly through us.

Q: I am going to stay in Kiev for rather a long period. Do you give a reduction for daily cost of an apartment?
A: Yes. If you’re staying for more than 10 days, the discount is possible for the majority of our apartments except the apartments which are in popular. It is also important to take into consideration the month of residing. Traditionally, the most popular months to come here are May and August. This time it is almost impossible to give a reduction. Also it is concerned the New Years Eve, Christmas and other holidays which exist in Ukraine.


Q: When I should pay for an apartment?
A: Payment is made during moving in by cash for all term of staying in advance. If your staying is 2-3 weeks – you have to make the payment not less than for 7 days (one week)

NB: In those cases when the client made an order for 5 days and more, and asked to make discounts for a long term of residing; but on his arrival declares, that he has changed his mind and wishes make a payment only for 2-3 days - we consider that to be one of the forms of a deceit which the unfair clients apply frequently. In that case, we have the right to turn down to the client in moving in without compensation for reservation or the client is obliged to pay for all the term of the order, but not less than for 5 day.

Q: Do you accept credit cards while moving in?
A: We can accept credit cards VISA, MasterCard and Maestro.

At the time of payment we take the commission - 5 %. Therefore the sum of payment is necessary to increase on 5 %. But in order to pay by a credit card you are obliged to visit our office. It always creates problems for you and for us. Especially if your arrival is late or it is an early one, the days off or holidays. We may also have problems with bank in fast receiving of cash.

Therefore we recommend you to pay the rest of the sum in cash that day you arrive. In the central parts of Kiev and at the airport there are a lot of cash machines where you can discount the cash from a credit card.

If you have travel checks, you can change them for cash in any bank of Kiev, but it is necessary to take into considerations that on Saturday, on Sunday and on holidays banks do not work and you cannot exchange checks for money. Therefore if you arrive in such days or late at night - we recommend you to have cash for the payment of residing. We want to inform you, that any person arriving to Ukraine, can have up to 10000 € cash with him.

Q: Will I have an agreement and the receipt?
A: Yes, certainly. On the day of your arrival you receive the receipt, if it is necessary you will sign the contract for the rent.

Q: What services are included in the price for rent?
A: A price for the rent covers the cleaning of the apartment one time in 5 days and the change of bed-clothes, the payment for public utilities and local telephone conversations. Additional services (an operating time in the Internet, international phone calls, preparing of dinners, purchases, additional cleaning) are paid separately.

Q: Are there some hidden taxes and takings?
A: The prices you can see on our site include all the taxes and the commissions. Additional takings just do not exist.

Q: How and where I can get the keys and pay the rest of the sum?
A: You get the keys the day you move in. Our representatives will wait for you in an apartment at a fixed time in order to give you the keys and to receive the rest of the sum. But the arrival to the apartment on your own always accompanies by long waiting. Therefore we recommend you to use our facilities on the meeting at the airport and while taking you to the apartment.


Q: Can you provide me with a meeting at the airport (at the station) and transportation to the apartment?
A: If you’re not Ukrainian or Russian you have all chances to overpay, and your safety cannot be guaranteed on 100 %. Our driver will meet you at the airport and will take you to the reserved apartment. It will be done quickly and without any incidents. Sometimes (if there are some unforeseeable consequences) we have to change the apartment. All of the drivers have cell phones, so they are always keep in touch with a manager and learn about all changes in time.

Our prices are not higher than the one of the Kiev taxi. For example, if your friend will take a taxi in Kiev and will go to meet you at the airport, he will pay for his way to the airport about 18-20 euro. It includes waiting, parking (5-10 euro for an hour) and your way back (18-20 euro again). It will take you to pay in two times more.

Q: Does the rent of the apartment include the transportation?
A: No. Transportation and other additional facilities are not included.

Q: How I recognize your driver?
A: Our driver will wait for you at the terminal “Arrival" holding the name board with your name written on it. As soon as you will pass through the customs, please, start searching for such board. If for any reason you can not see the driver, please, call to our office (we shall give you the number beforehand, just after the reservation), and our manager will contact the driver and will let him know where you’re waiting for him. Usually in such cases the driver expects near the information bureau.

Q: If I ordered the meeting with a followed transportation but my friend wants to meet me at the airport. Can he (she) use your service?
A: Yes, you just have to tell your friend to contact with us. We shall agree upon a place of a meeting, then we’ll pick him (her) up in the city and he (she) will meet you with our driver or manager.

Q: If I have my own driver, how can I reach the apartment?
A: If you do not need to be met at the airport, you should call us from the airport, and our manager will tell your driver how to get to the apartment. We need time (about an hour) to get to the apartment and to wait for you there. When you get to the apartment, our manager will meet you and will show it to you, and then he will conclude a treaty of rent with you will take the payment and will give you the keys. On your leaving day, the manager will come, will check a state of the apartment / furniture and will take away the keys.

NB: To exclude a long waiting, a searching of the apartment and other misunderstandings while moving in - we recommend to order the meetings at the airport and the transportation. It will protect you and us from various troubles and will provide a high quality of service from our side.


Q: Will there be hot water day and night in the apartment? I’ve heard that in Kiev there have been practicing a switching-off of the water. Is it true?
A: In Kiev the hot water is running 24/7. Sometimes in summertime it is cut off for the preventive measures. But the majority of our apartments have an autonomous running of a hot water so we guarantee its availability during the term of your stay. Kiev – is a capital of Ukraine for this reason there are no such problems with water here as it is in the other cities of Ukraine. If there are some repair works in your building, the hot water will be absent for not more than 1-2 hours.

Q: Are there the kitchen and the bathroom in the apartment?
A: Yes, certainly. Most of them have a modern design.

All the apartments have:

- Bedrooms with clean bed-clothes;
- Kitchens with all necessary adaptations (saucepans and frying pans, glasses, everything, you need for cooking);
and technical equipment (the refrigerator, a gas oven, a microwave oven, an electric kettle, in some apartments there is a toaster, coffee machine, a dishwasher, a kitchen unit);
- A living room has a cable or satellite TV - you can watch foreign channels, using a videotape recorder, mini system, air-conditioner or electric fan, an iron and so on.
- A bathing room has a bath or a shower cubicle, equipped with a boiler and washing machine.
We give clean towels to all the clients.

In all apartments there is modern furniture, phone for local calls (it is free); in some apartments there is an opportunity to be connected to the Internet.

Q: May I call abroad from the apartment?
A: In order to call abroad you have to buy special telephone cards (at the main post office in the centre of the city) and then you can use them in an apartment.

Q: Will I have an access to the Internet in an apartment?
A: Yes, you will. If you have a notebook computer, you have to buy an access card of the Kiev provider. But in some apartments an access to the Internet is possible even without it.

Q: Where are your apartments located?
A: All our apartments are located in the center of Kiev. They are safe, with an entrance code locks or guards. In each description of an apartment from our base you can see the information about domestic electric appliances with which the apartment is equipped.

Q: Who owns the apartments which you rent?
A: The owners of apartments – are Ukrainian people and foreign businessmen.

Q: Are your apartments safe?
A: Yes. In each apartment de luxe – there are iron doors and some safe locks. 95 % of the buildings in Kiev have guards or code locks of the doors at the entrance.

Q: Whether I can change an apartment if I don’t like the chosen one?
A: If for any reason you do not like the apartment, we will remove you to another one the next day after your arrival.

Q: Can you change an apartment for me without my agreement till the day of my arrival?
A: Sometimes in Kiev there are the hold-ups with an electricity, water, etc. If something similar happens in the apartment you’ve reserved, and the owner cannot deal with a breakdown, we change the apartment for you.

Q: I am afraid that someone else has the keys from my apartment.
A: Only the housemaid and the owner of an apartment have the keys. Nobody else has is.

Q: May I invite friends to me? Should I pay for the girl who will live with me?
A: You pay for the apartment but not for every person. You can invite friends and feel yourself there like home.

Q: May I listen to the music in the evening in the apartment?
A: We would not recommend doing that after 23.00. Your neighbors have the right to call police for the breach of the peace.

Q: May I smoke in the apartment?
A: Yes, you may. But Ukrainian people smoke on a balcony as usual so that the unpleasant smell would not spread in the apartment. You should respect our non-smoking clients who will live there after you. The smell of the smoke as usual does not disappear for weeks.

Q: Whom can I call if I need some additional facilities or when I want to prolong my residing?
A: You should address to our manager about all the questions of that kind. The prolongation of residing is necessary to coordinate with the manager who has lodged you. Your residing does not give you the right on prolongation. You should understand that, as a rule, the date you leave the apartment we reserve it for another client. Therefore, with your decision you create some inconvenience for us and for other clients who have reserved the apartment on day of your eviction. But we do our best and try to take into our consideration your priorities. In any case we can always find another similar apartment for you.

Q: What should I do if I can not leave on the fixed day because of the force majeur circumstances?
A: We always try to find the way of the situation. Our manager will help you to find another apartment for you.

Q: Whom should I give the keys on the day of eviction?
A: We always co-ordinate time of departure with the client. At a fixed time there comes a manager or a housemaid and takes the apartment and keys from you. If she finds out breakages of furniture or of the technics - you are obliged to pay for the caused damage. Also if you show the account for the toll calls or the Internet - you are obliged to pay the expenses.

Q: Whom should I give the keys if I leave early in the morning and I do not want to use your transportation service?
A: If you leave at 7.00 (7АМ) in the morning and earlier we insist on using our transportation service. Because it is the extremely difficult for a manager or a housemaid to arrive to the apartment at this time. Our driver will examine the apartment and will take away the keys.

Q: How can I get back the forgotten things from the apartment?
A: If you have forgotten things in an apartment – you have to inform our manager at once. If your things have really been left in the apartment, but not lost by you earlier - we shall keep them till your next arrival or we shall pass them with the help of your friends.