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The majority of apartments which we offer, you can see on our Web page detailed photos. You can also see the street and the building on the map. Maybe one day your friend, relative, or the representative will want to have a look at the apartment. Usually it is impossible, because all the apartments are occupied, and you can see them only during the period between the eviction of the previous client and the moving in of a new one. We cannot show the apartment at that time when other clients live there. So you can order the apartment, examining their real digital photos.

Time of moving in - 14:00. Sometimes we have clients at 6:00, in this case, you should reserve an apartment for one night more, and we shall keep an apartment for you. Otherwise you should wait at some place till 13:00 or 14:00.

Our representatives will wait for you to give you the keys and to receive the rest of the sum in the apartment at a fixed time. But the arrival on your own to the apartment is always accompanied by a long waiting. Therefore we recommend you to use our service: meeting at the airport and transfer in apartment.

Payment is made during the moving in by cash for all the term of stay beforehand. It the term of your stay 2-4 weeks – it is possible to pay not less than a week before.

You can get an invoice for your report if you need one. You can pay in USD, EURO or local currency UAH (Hrivna.)
All the payments will be converted in EURO according the current rate.

We can accept credit cards: VISA, MasterCard. We also take the commission, Master card/Euro card - 5 %. At the time of payment we take the commission - 5 %. Therefore the sum of payment has to be risen by 5 %. But in order to pay by credit cards you are obliged to visit our office. It always creates problems for you and for us. Especially if you arrive too early in the morning or too late at night, on the days off or on holidays. We may also have problems with the bank in fast reception of cash. Therefore we recommend to pay the rest of the sum in cash on the day of your arrival. In the center of Kiev and at the airport there is a lot of cash machines where you can discount cash from a credit card.

If you have travel checks, you can change them for cash in any bank of Kiev, but it is necessary to take into considerations that on Saturday, on Sunday and on holidays banks do not work and you cannot exchange checks for money.

Therefore if you arrive in such days or late at night - we recommend you to have cash for the payment of residing. We want to inform you, that any person arriving to Ukraine, can have up to 10000 € cash with him.

In those cases when the client made an order for 5 days and more, and asked to make discounts for a long term of residing; but on his arrival declares, that he has changed his mind and wishes make a payment only for 2-3 days - we consider that to be one of the forms of a deceit which the unfair clients apply frequently. In that case, we have the right to turn down to the client in moving in without compensation for reservation or the client is obliged to pay for all the term of the order, but not less than for 5 day.

- In day of your arrival, after payment you receive the receipt if it is necessary will sign the contract of rent, receive keys from an apartment.

- A price for the rent covers the cleaning of the apartment one time in 5 days and the change of bed-clothes, the payment for public utilities and local telephone conversations.

- Additional services (an operating time in the Internet, international phone calls, preparing of dinners, purchases, additional cleaning) are paid separately.

- The prices you can see on our site include all the taxes and the commissions. Additional takings just do not exist.
Please, read our Policy of payment to find out, how you can pay.

Time of eviction - 12 o'clock in the afternoon, but if our next client moves in at 16:00 and later, you can remain 1-3 hours longer. Late eviction (till 20.00) is costs half of the price of the apartment, (after 20.00) – you have to pay the full cost of an apartment. An eviction late at night is possible, if this apartment is not reserved for this date.

If you leave at 7.00 (7АМ) in the morning and earlier, we insist on using our transportation service. Because, it is the extremely difficult for a manager or a housemaid to arrive to the apartment at this time. Our driver will examine the apartment and will take away the keys.

If you have forgotten things in an apartment – you have to inform our manager at once. If your things have really been left in the apartment, but not lost by you earlier - we shall keep them till your next arrival or we shall pass them with the help of your friends.

If due to some reasons you do not like the reserved apartment, we can remove you to another one just on the next day. Sometimes in Kiev there are the hold-ups with an electricity, water, etc. If something similar happens in the apartment you’ve reserved, and if we have some problems inside the apartment and we cannot deal with a breakdown at once, we change the apartment for youwhich will be similar and at the same price.

Every additional cleaning - €5.
Every additional change of the bed-clothes and towels - €5 for each complete set.
Laundry - €10. (For 5 items)
An interpreter - €10 per hour
Food delivery – the cost of food + €10 for the delivery

After moving in the apartment you should examine, that everything is ok works good, and that the condition of the apartment is good for you. The day you leave our manager will come to check up everything and to take away the keys. In that case if we find some breakages or shortage, you should, pay for it. We do respect you and wait the same from you.