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Pay attention: the price is for the apartment but not for the number of people living there. You pay for the day but not for the night.

Please, make an order beforehand in 2-3 weeks, so that we could check our list. If you can not wait for our affirmation for 24 hours, then please, do the following:

1. Choose a few flats and make an automatic reservation.
2. Make an up-front payment in any way you like.
3. You should contact with us through this No. +38 044 414-8939 or the cell phone +38 050 355-66-39.

We shall keep in reserve the chosen apartment, if it is free, if not - then the similar one.


Most of the apartments we offer you can see on our WEB page with all the detailed photos. You can also see the building and the map on the map. Maybe one day your friends, relatives or representatives will have a desire to watch the apartment. As a rule it is impossible, because all the apartments are occupied, and you can see them only in a period when one resident is moving about and the other one is moving in. we can not show the apartments while our clients re living there. So, you can reserve the apartment seeing them on the real photos.


In order to reserve a certain apartment the term of your rent has to be not less than 5 nights. It the term of the rent is les than for 5 nights, we can also keep in reserve a certain flat, but it is harder to do that. In that case we usually we do the reservation of the apartments, which are similar to the chosen, with the same price and location. Of course we can reserve the chosen apartment if it is free at the moment. The decision about the moving you in the chosen apartments we take in 2-3 days before the client arrives.

1. Choose the apartment you liked on the site. Fill in the fields indicating the chosen apartment, the information about yourself and your arrival. Name the time of your arrival at the airport or at the railway station. If you need to pick you up and to take you to the apartment - make sure that you put in the No. of the flight or of the run. After checking whether the flat will be free, we will give you the answer in 24 hours from the moment you made an order. If it will be occupied we will offer you the alternative variants. Then you have to make an up-front payment (a deposit) for the reservation of the flat. A deposit is equal to the price for the one night in an apartment. The reservation of an apartment will be confirmed in 24 hours from the moment we get the transfer.

2. NB: While keeping in reservation we refuse to the other clients in their accommodation. But the experience of the last years showed that 70% of the clients, who do not make a deposit - do not come to us. As a result we incur losses from such orders. That is why we do not guarantee a reservation of the chosen apartment to those clients who did not find time and desire to make a deposit. But we can always to look for a free apartment and to settle the client in one of it.


In order to keep in reserve an apartment, we need to receive an up front payment for one night. A deposit covers the cost for 24 hours. It means that if you made a deposit (paid a deposit) for a 7 days apartment, then on your arrival you just have to pay for the rest 6 days.

- All the clients, who make an up-front payment, will be assured to have an apartment in the first place. If we do not get an up-front payment from you, we do not give the guarantee for the reservation. We have a lot of ways to get the payment, please, read our Policy of payment.

- In our practice there were the cases of the dishonest actions, when a client took back his money using his bank after returning to his country. Staying in Ukraine we can not make the judicial proceedings. That is why to receive the money in on-line mode operation is not a preferable way for us.


Reservation of apartments – is a mutual agreement. We strongly recommend you a planning of the trip before reserving an apartment, as we should refuse other clients who are interested in the same apartment, for the same term.

- If you decide to cancel your order any time you want, we can not compensate the deposit of tan order.

- Concerning a few apartments, we will not compensate you the payment of the rent, if you decide to leave the apartment till the date agreed on the day you made an order.

- If you never came the payment for the reservation will not be paid back.

- If the clients didn’t arrive at a fixed time, without letting us know beforehand with a call or an e-mail, we will keep that apartment for a few hours more. If we do not have any information from the client during this period of time, we cancel the reservation without compensation.

The change of the reservation date is possible only in those cases, when the change was made 15 days before your arrival or if your changes can not incur us the losses. Such a carrying over is co-ordinated in each concrete case individually.